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National Tour Photo Upload Page

To upload pictures from the tour please follow these instructions:

  1. Clicking HERE will bring you to a Google Drive Folder.
    • HINT - you may want to 'Right click' on the Google Drive link and select "Open in a new window" so you can still see these instructions while working with the drive.
  2. IF you are a gmail user, and are logged in with your own account:
    1. you will get a screen saying that: "You need permission"
    2. DO NOT click on the "Request access" button.  
    3. Click on the "Switch accounts" button, and proceed below
  3. Log in using the account (same one we use for getting the roster, minutes...)
  4. Once logged in, click on the "Open in drive" button in the upper right hand corner.
  5. IMPORTANT - if there are other folders there already, please do not touch them!!!
  6. Create a new folder:
    1. Click on the 'Create" button in the upper left corner
    2. Select 'Folder'
    3. Replace the name 'New Folder' with your name:  "first last"
    4. Click the 'Create and Share' button (it may just say create)
    5. The new folder bearing your name should now be visible
  7. Click on your new folder
  8. You should now see a big gray circle with the words "Drop files here" in the middle
  9. Open your local file folder (wherever you have your pictures now)
  10. Simply select the pictures you want to move, and drag and drop them onto the 'Drop files here' circle - it should turn blue when you do that.
  11. You should get a message asking if you want to "Upload to shared folder?'  There will be some additional verbiage about sharing - you can ignore that.
  12. Click on the "Upload and share" button
  13. You will see another box, asking about Upload settings.  You can safely ignore those.
  14. Click on the "Start upload" button
  15. An upload dialog will appear in the lower right corner of your browser.  This will reflect the status of you uploads
  16. VERY IMPORTANT... depending on the number of pictures you are uploading, and the speed of your connection, this may take some time.  Be sure to leave you browser open until it has completed.
  17. That's it...

Click here if you have questions