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8. Franklinton/Zebulon


This tour for our tour participants takes you to two privately owned car collections not open to the general public in Franklinton and Zebulon. A really special treat!

Car Collection 1

This car collection in Franklinton is owned by Bob Schaaf.

“I started my car collecting hobby with the purchase of a 28 Briggs Body fourdor at age 15. My father drove a '31 Vicky in high school which is probably how I got the "bug".  I restored the Briggs over the course of several years before selling it in 1972 to raise money for medical school tuition.  Contemporaneously (between ages 15 and 22), I bought, sold and/or restored several old MG's; all sold for tuition except for a 1958 MGA, purchased at age 18;  my daily driver.  I still own and drive the MGA.  I have collected and restored dozens of cars over the ensuing 48 years.  I collect low production, finned convertibles and woodies from the 1930’s to 1962.  In fact, I have two 1930 Model A's, a cabbie and a phaeton.  Although I sold the cars in order to pay tuition through my high school, college med school years, I never lost my affinity for these beautiful works of industrial art”.

Bob Schaaf

Car Collection 2

This car collection in Zebulon is owned by Mike Leith.

"My brother, Dave and I have always been very interested in old cars. While attending Babson Institute in Wellesley, Massachusetts we ran a small used car business in Natick, Massachusetts. After graduation, we worked for International Harvester and Lincoln Mercury, a division of Ford Motor Company. In 1968 we founded Leith Lincoln Mercury here in Raleigh, North Carolina and today our family members operate 42 franchises in Raleigh, Cary, Fayetteville, Wake Forest and Southern Pines, North Carolina.  During the 30 plus years we operated these dealerships we kept as many of the really top quality, 100% original trade-ins we could afford. Upon retiring in 1998, we focused our attention on our first love – 100% original, unrestored cars from the 30’s 40’s 50’s and 60’s. Our collection consists of approximately 200 vehicles that are maintained and displayed at two locations in the small town of Zebulon, North Carolina.  Since 1999, we have owned and operated “The Raleigh Classic” auto auction at the North Carolina State Fairgrounds which holds two day events every June and December offering 300 collector cars specializing in those that are 100% original and unrestored. 

            Our staff includes 3 technicians and 2 cosmetic specialists whose responsibility it is to constantly maintain all vehicles including regular “exercise” and maintenance log books.

            The collection includes 3 outstanding 1931 Model A’s that were acquired from Don Bowne in Cambridge City, Indiana- the “Model A” pick up which he purchased in 1971, the Model A Deluxe Coupe which was restored by Tommy James of Camden, South Carolina and won the coveted “Henry” award at the National MARC show in 1979 and the Model A Roadster he had purchased in 1986 and which won both the MAFCA national Best of Show and the national M.A.R.C. “Henry” award in 1988. I also purchased his 1940 Ford Coupe and 1940 Black 2 door Ford sedan which was restored by Bill Marx in Chesterfield, Ohio in 1989 and still is absolutely flawless today. Another favorite is a 1929 Ford Roadster pick-up recently purchased from Anthony Pergola from Port Washington, New York,

            The collection is very diverse but primarily focuses on American built cars from the 1930’s thru 1960’s – again with “original unrestored” being the key criteria.

Mike Leith